Let's compare your height
with with your past self.

"inch by inch" is an app for recording children's growth using AR technology.

The app measures height and takes photos at the same time.

The recorded data can be displayed in the real world via AR.

You can feel the growth of your child.

Basic Features

Compare by AR

It's grown so big!

Compare height with with past self and
you can feel the growth of your child.

Multiple records can be displayed at the same time in AR.

【Measurement & Shooting】

How tall are you now?

Just by taking a picture, you can measure your height at the same time. It's easy to measure and record your height.

iPhones with LiDAR scanner can take highly accurate height measurements and 3D photos.

WebAR sharing

Grandpa! Grandma! Look!

Recorded data can be easily shared via URL.
Even those who are not using the App can enjoy it.

Supported devices

Devices that can take pictures and take measurements

(Supported devices for the app)

iOS14 or higher and
iPhone with A12 Bionic or later chip
(iPhones released after the iPhone Xs)

The 3D shooting feature is only available on iPhones with LiDAR scanner, such as the iPhone 12 Pro.

Devices that can only be viewed

(Devices that can view WebAR from a shared URL)

- iOS: iOS 12.0 or higher
- Android:ARCore compatible devices